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  • Dr.Niraj Mahajan
  • Dr.Niraj Mahajan
  • Dr.Niraj Mahajan

    What is it?

    • A positive pregnancy test changes the life of a woman.
    • The next 9 months are quite important for the health of both the baby as well as the mother-to-be.
    • In order to go through this period without any complications, the pregnant woman has to follow a certain lifestyle, which ensures the birth of a healthy child as well as preventing any health disorders for the mother.

    Antenatal care differs with the different stages of pregnancy.

    First Trimester

    • The mother has to undergo different tests for HIV, Anemia, Hepatitis B, Diabetes and Preeclampsia during the first trimester.
    • Proper immunizations should be done
    • A proper balanced diet is to be followed to ensure essential nutrients are supplied to both the embryo and the mother
    • Alcohol, smoking and other narcotics should be strictly avoided
    • Proper and adequate rest is necessary

    Second Trimester

    • Ultrasound scans are done to check for the growth of the baby inside the womb
    • Tests are performed for Amniocentesis and glucose screening
    • Potential health risks are heartburn, round ligament pain, back pain, Placenta Previa, etc
    • Physical activities should be minimized

    Third Trimester

    • Braxton Hicks is a symptom that may resemble labor contractions
    • All physical activities should be gradually halted as the months pass
    • Diet should be strictly regulated
    • The mother also has to discuss with the doctor about the best way to deliver the child

    Countdown to birth

    • Doctors usually recommend hospitalization a week before predicted birth
    • Once the labor pains start, contact the gynecologist immediately
    • In case of delivery at home, make sure the midwives are with the mom during the potential last week of pregnancy

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