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    Safe Abortion In Mumbai

    By AdminPosted On 17-Nov-2017

    Abortion is the process of terminating a pregnancy voluntarily because of certain circumstances that might occur. These can include undesired pregnancy despite the usage of protection, underage sex and so on. There are generally two methods of abortion and both of their own pros and cons. Abortion can be successfully conducted in one day, so the person getting it does not have to stay overnight in order to get it

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    Dr.Niraj Mahajan has his own clinic, Dr.Niraj Mahajan's Clinic in Mumbai which is especially devoted to the health problems related to women. He has performed thousands of successful surgeries in the area of gynecology.

    Medical Abortion

    Medical abortion in India is approved only up-to 7 weeks(49 days) of pregnancy.

    Medical abortion can be done up to 9 weeks according to WHO

    It commonly uses two drugs methotrexate or mifepristone, which is followed by misoprostol. Medical abortion needs longer time than surgical abortion. If a medical abortion is not successful, physician suggests for surgical abortion.


    •     Surgery can be avoided
    •     May take place at home so no need to take admission at hospital
    •     No need to take leave from work

    Surgical Abortion

    It can be performed up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

    Vacuum aspiration is the most common type which involves a mild sedation within the first trimester of pregnancy. This process includes dilation of the cervix and a narrow tube is inserted and then pregnancy and contents of the uterine internal lining are carried out. This takes only a couple of minutes.

    The second trimester which begins in the 13th week of pregnancy, abortions are rare. This procedure involves giving a medication at the clinic to result in uterine contractions. This is followed by some anesthesia. Second-trimester abortions are usually done for pregnancies with medical complications. Third-trimester abortions are performed if the fetus has a deformity or life of the mother is in danger.


    Quick procedure

    The status of abortion can be verified easily by evaluating the aspirated products of conception.

    Takes place at hospital so sterilization may be performed at the same time as procedure

    It can be performed under local anesthesia if women is properly motivated and counseled.

    Dr.Niraj Mahajan is one of the leading gynecologists in Mumbai who possess great skills in the field of gynecology and laparoscopy. He has been making tremendous efforts to work towards the development of women’s health in India. Patients are can contact the doctor for any pieces of advice and suggestions related to gynecology and women health.


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