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    Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the most commonly used abortion pills.

    How To Use Abortion Pills

    Using pills is a surgery free procedure of abortion, but the guidance of an expert gynecologist is recommended for the same.

    When to use abortion pills

    • The two pills are to be taken within the first 9 weeks of pregnancy

    • Normally, the abortion is done in at least two stages; the second visit to the doctor is done a couple of weeks after the first visit

    • This is to ensure that the abortion is successful, and no complications exist

    • In case of a failed abortion, the doctor will opt for a surgical abortion

    Abortion Procedure

    • The gynecologist first gives Mifepristone by mouth. This separates the placenta from the endometrium, and softens the cervix and enhances uterine contractions to allow uterine contents to pass

    • Within 48 hours, the Misoprostol tablet is either given by mouth or inserted through the vagina. This causes uterine contractions that cause the contents to pass through

    • A second visit is advised after 2 weeks to confirm the success of the abortion and to rule out any complications

    If a medical abortion is not successful, the doctor may suggest a surgical abortion

    Also, abortion has to be done within the first 9 weeks of pregnancy

    Abortion post procedure

    • It is advised for the woman to not have sexual intercourse for at least a week or till the doctor allows after an abortion

    • Due to hormonal changes, it is possible for the woman to experience depression, fatigue, etc after an abortion

    • The regular periods will come any time within six weeks after the abortion

    • It is advisable to use proper contraceptive methods once the woman starts to have sexual intercourse again

    • Family planning is also important in the future

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