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  • Dr.Niraj Mahajan
  • Dr.Niraj Mahajan
  • Dr.Niraj Mahajan

    Kidney and urinary tract infections are quite common during pregnancy, and are often easily treated.The infection may occur in the urinary bladder, the ureters or the urethraIn rare cases, the infection may spread to the kidney itself


    The infections occur mostly due to the pressure on the urinary bladder, and hormonal changes in the body as the pregnancy advances

    • Vesicouteral Reflux

    In this condition, due to the pressure on the bladder, the urine passes backwards through the uretersThis can result in infection

    Due to changed secretion of Progesterone, the smooth muscle walls of the bladder act abnormally, and the weight of the uterus itself is also responsible for this

    • Retrograde infection

    This occurs due to presence of bacteria in the vaginal and anal areas, which moves up and may infect the kidneys


    Often, the infections are treated with antibioticsInfections of the kidney, however, require more intensive care and IV antibiotics are administeredTo prevent an infection, it is important to maintain good hygiene in the prone areas

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