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  • Dr.Niraj Mahajan
  • Dr.Niraj Mahajan

    What is Revirgination?

    • Revirgination is the surgical reconstruction of the Hymen, in order to restore the vagina to the older, virginal state.
    • Revirgination is an elective surgery, often opted for by young women
    • Female virginity is a religious issue in most cases, and reconstruction is done to create a mimic of the hymen which normally breaks during the initial instances of sexual intercourse. However, Hymen may also break during exercise or physical sports.
    • The Hymen, once broken, does not heal itself naturally


    • The Hymen is restored to its original state i.e. unbroken, which gives the appearance of virginity
    • Since virginity is a delicate issue in most religious cases, this helps morally

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    • Revirgination is normally done due to strong religious views about the importance of a woman's virginity
    • The Hymen is generally broken during the first instance of sexual intercourse, however it is possible for it to break during extreme sport activities
    • In rare cases, the Hymen may break due to injury


    • The total procedure may take from around forty five minutes to an hour for completion.


    • The patient is required to have a void bladder for a few hours before the surgery
    • The surgery is performed while the patient is under the effect of anesthesia
    • In rare cases, this surgery may be performed in addition to other gynecological surgeries


    • The hymen is reconstructed using either synthetic and body friendly materials, or natural tissue implants, or a combination of both
    • The entire surgery is performed with the patient under effect of a general anesthetic
    • The doctor uses micro instruments, in some cases along with a laparoscope to reconstruct the hymen inside the vaginal walls

    Follow up

    • The patient is advised to avoid active physical sports for at least three to four weeks after the surgical procedure
    • Any pains or bleeding should be immediately reported to the doctor

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