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    Stress Incontinence>

    • Stress incontinence is a disorder in which urine is involuntarily discharged from the bladder when stress is put on the bladder, such as when laughing or coughing.

    • During Transobturator Tape Surgery, tiny mesh tapes are inserted under the urethra to keep it in its normal position, like a sling.

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    • Urinary incontinence is caused due to sagging of the urethra.

    • Sagging may be due to various reasons, such as age, physical health, injury, etc.

    • The Transobturator Tape Surgery is performed to restore the urethra to its original state, and to keep it that way for as long as possible.

    • Sometimes, it may be due to infection to the bladder itself.


    • The Transobturator Tape Surgery lasts for about half an hour to forty five minutes.


    • Urinary incontinence can be quite an emotional burden as well as embarrassing for the patient.

    • This surgery solves the problem, thereby improving the patient's social life and confidence.

    • In case of bladder infection, the treatment helps to eliminate this problem, which can be quite harmful to the rest of the pelvic organs.

    Pre Surgery

    • The patient is advised to have a void bladder for a few hours before the surgery.

    • The procedure is carried out with the patient under the effect of an anesthetic.


    • The surgeon makes small incisions in the abdomen to introduce the mesh strips.

    • The strips are then placed like a sling around the urethra, to hold it in place.

    Post surgery

    • After Transobturator Tape Surgery, the patient will be asked to urinate to test the response of the bladder and urethra to the surgery.

    • An overnight stay is rarely needed after the surgery

    • There might be mild pain in the abdomen after the surgery, which is normal

    • Any bleeding or abnormal discharge from the vagina should be immediately reported to the doctor.

    • The doctor should be reported to periodically, after the surgery, to check for proper functioning of the bladder.

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