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What You Need To Know About Hymenoplasty

By AdminPosted On 04-Oct-2019

In a country like India where women empowerment seems to strive, there are many not so much hidden taboos and prejudices prevalent as well that may contradict the current visible scenario. One among which is the wish and desire to find a virgin bride, who is the so-called pure and untouched. Unlike a few progressive and empowered women, this issue in society makes many women extremely conscious about their virginity. On one hand where many refrain from any sexual interaction before marriage, on the other hand, many who had experienced sexual intercourse tend to look for surgical options like Hymenoplasty to revive their virginity before getting married.

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is also referred to as hymen restoration or reconstruction and is done to reestablish the hymen as a vaginal barrier. The hymen is basically the pinkish, thin, membrane that blocks the entrance of the vagina, partially. It is situated half an inch inside the vagina and functions as a barrier against any infection from external sources until puberty.


There are many reasons why women may feel the need for a Hymenoplasty as listed below:

  • Religious and Cultural Reasons: In many religions and cultures it is essential to have an intact hymen until one gets married and this stands as a rudimentary requirement to establish a woman’s dignity and chastity. The hymen can get torn both during sexual intercourse or, by masturbation. Thus Hymenoplasty helps.

  • Injury caused to the hymen: Using tampons can cause the hymen to tear even without sexual intercourse. In such cases, women may feel the need for a Hymenoplasty.

  • Psychological needs: In cases of rape or any sort of abuse, the hymen of a woman is likely to get torn. To restore the woman psychologically, in some cases Hymenoplasty is used.

  • Revirgination: Many women may feel the need to get her hymen restored before moving on with a new relationship and thus may opt for a Hymenoplasty.

Hymenoplasty is done with the help of a surgical procedure known as a flap technique.It is a daycare procedure done under local or general anaesthesia that can be completed within 30 minutes.


After a Hymenoplasty the patient may feel certain discomforts which can be reduced with the help of pain medications. However, there remain chances of getting infections, thus a restriction of 1 week is imposed on the patient. The use of tampons must be completely avoided after the surgery along with strenuous exercises.


Hymenoplasty is a safe procedure, and risks are almost obscure. However, one should consult an experienced specialist before opting for Hymenoplasty. Book an appointment with Dr Niraj Mahajan and get the desired guidance.

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