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Who Should Opt For Labiaplasty?

By AdminPosted On 12-Apr-2019

It is always better to know which body type works best for different cosmetic treatments. One needs to do some research and consult an expert before going for any cosmetic surgery. One such cosmetic procedure that is often received by women is Labiaplasty. This surgery is conducted to shorten the length of the labia minora. Surgical instruments are used to alter the size and shape of the labia as per the required target.

But why and when is the surgery required? The average size of the labia minora is about 1 inch. But after pregnancy and with growing age the labia minora starts stretching and widens up. Patients with long labia minora go for this surgery mostly because they experience irritation while doing sexual activities.

Who are the right candidates?

One needs to be 18 years or above to go for this surgery. Typical candidates for Labiaplasty may include:

  • Women who are facing physical discomfort while having sex or doing any physical activities.
  • Women who are not satisfied with their labial size or appearance can go for this procedure.
  • Often due to childbirth, the labia get stretched and torn. Women after childbirth can go for this procedure.

What major benefits one can get from this surgery?

The surgery is conducted in order to correct the size                                                                                                                                                       and shape of the labia minora. The aesthetic appearance of the vagina gets improved after the surgery. Apart from this women gets rid of discomfort and irritation during sexual activities and other physical activities.

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Choosing the right Gynecologist!

The genitals are the most delicate organ in a woman's body. Before you go for any vaginal rejuvenation surgery, it's important to consult an experienced gynaecologist. If you are looking for the best Gynecologist in Mumbai, Dr. Niraj Mahajan is the one for you! At Dr. Niraj Mahajan’s clinic, he offers several advanced cosmetic surgery treatments options at an affordable package.

Speaking about vaginal rejuvenation, at this clinic you can get the best Labiaplasty in India. Dr. Mahajan has conducted several successful cosmetic surgeries in India. So if you are planning for vaginal rejuvenation, visit our clinic!

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