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Dr.Niraj Mahajan
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How to Regain Virginity ?

By AdminPosted On 21-Feb-2017

Hymen is often considered as a sign of the virginity of a woman. It is a thick layer of tissue that covers the opening to the vaginal passage from the urethral orifice backwards, enabling the escape of menstrual blood. 

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What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is nothing but a medical process used to reconstruct the layer of hymen in the vagina of a woman. It is bound to rupture when a girl indulges herself in strenuous physical activities. But most of the religions are blind to this possibility. Hence hymen reconstruction gains significance. It is legal in some countries while in most of the countries, it is illegal to have hymenorrhaphy.

Why to undergo hymenoplasty
There are many reasons why a woman might undergo a hymenoplasty procedure. They are  

  • Cultural or religious reasons.
  • Psychological healing.
  • Revirgination.

Whatis the procedure involved?

It involves the rebuilding of the torn hymen by stitching the torn edges together. It is done using body friendly materials. After the surgery, the opening of the vagina is again closed partially as it was before the rupture of the hymen. The surgery typically lasts for about half an hour to one hour. The patient is usually subjected to a local anaesthesia or a general anaesthesia. The process involves no complication and the patient is not asked to stay back in hospital for more than five hours. Thereafter, no special care is required. However, complete healing would take about eight weeks.

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