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Resume Your Virginity - Hymenoplasty

By AdminPosted On 16-Mar-2018

A hymen is a thin membrane present inside the vagina. It usually breaks during the initial phase of intercourse. Other than that cycling, gymnastics and other sports activities may naturally tear the hymen. Basically, the hymen is considered as a symbol of virginity. Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure to restore the hymen membrane. Hymenoplasty is otherwise called as Vaginoplasty, Hymen reconstruction surgery, Revirgination procedure. Hymenoplasty surgery is considered as a legal surgery in some countries, whereas some countries ban the surgery.

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Hymenoplasty surgery procedure

In this procedure, the torn edges of the hymen are stitched with dissolvable suture. If the procedure is done correctly, then there will be no scaring and the hymen appears intact. After the hymenoplasty surgery, the person will experience the membrane tear, pain, and bleeding after the intercourse.

How is a patient prepared for the surgery?

  • The patient is advised to empty the bladder two hours before the surgery
  • The surgery is carried out under local or general anesthesia
  • The hymen is reconstructed with the remnants of the hymen and the patient’s own body tissue
  • The simple surgical procedure may last over 30 minutes
  • Recovery takes less than a day. After the hymenoplasty surgery, the patient can resume her work from the next day and she can have a complete healing within 8 weeks. Around 5-6 hours hospital stay is required.

Rare side effects:

The following side effects are very rare after the hymenoplasty surgery

  • The patient may have a temperature that shows there may be some infection
  • If there is any color change around the vagina, then immediate medical intervention is required
  • If the patient feels severe pain, numbness around the vaginal area, it indicates the nerve damage
  • The patient may experience sudden/intermittent bleeding after the surgery
  • If there is any swelling found, the patient should seek the doctors advise. Since skin swelling may be a symptom of skin necrosis which should be treated at the right time.

If the patient complies with the prescribed medications, she can easily avoid any kind of side effects.

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