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Things To Know Before You Step Up For Medical Abortion

By AdminPosted On 12-Jan-2019

When it happens to be a crisis, you might be forced to sacrifice the biggest happiness of your life. Well, having a child marks completeness in a family, but at times, it becomes unsatisfactory to carry a baby at a certain point of life.

Medical abortion is the termination of a baby while in the womb by non- invasive methodologies. Medical abortion involves a lot of emotional and physiological effects on the mother and hence, the parents must be ready on all sides to carry themselves through the same. In India, pregnancy up to 7 weeks can only be aborted. Dr. Niraj Mahajan, one of the best gynaecology doctors in India brings in the light to clear off the myths about medical abortion.

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• When the continuation of pregnancy is harmful to the child/ mother or both.

• If the child delivered might suffer from physical/ mental/ genetic ailments

• Pregnancy caused due to rape(which have caused grave mental injury to women)

• Pregnancy caused due to the failure of contraceptives of married couples


• Heavy and prolonged bleeding

• Infection

• Fever for more than 24 hours

• Incomplete abortion, complicating to undergo a surgical abortion

• Infection due to IUD if used


After confirming the pregnancy through physical examinations or ultrasound scan and ruling out the chances of ectopic and molar pregnancy, the doctor explains all the potential risks and the impact of the procedure on the couple. And later, the medications are started. Mifepristone is administered initially. Later on, Misoprostol is administered through buccal, oral, sublingual or vaginal routes. Misoprostol along with other combinations of medicines will be administered in varying doses on different levels.

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The medical abortion will cause heavy bleeding via the vagina and intense abdominal pain. Immediate medical access to your doctor is advisable if it is a home abortion. Absorbent sanitary pads will have to be changed in time so as to avoid infection. Nausea and vomiting might follow along with fever and chills on the same and following days. And it is required to talk to the doctor about the contraception to be used after abortion. Being the right aid is important, which is why we are the ideal abortion clinic in Mumbai.

Do not worry in your testing moments, for we are here to help you to the best. For unbiased and confidential consultancy for pregnancy termination in India and Medical Termination of Pregnancy in Mumbai, reach out Dr. Niraj Mahajan, for we help you get through all your doubts and needs!

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