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Natural child birth

By AdminPosted On 03-Jul-2017

What is Natural Child birth?

A natural childbirth is a way of giving birth to a baby by a "low-tech" manner by letting nature take its course. Mostly women with low-risk pregnancies choose natural way of childbirth to avoid medication that could pose risk for the baby or mother and also to feel more in touch with the natural childbirth experience in a proactive manner.

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Advantages of Natural Child Birth

    There is only a little potential for side effects for the baby and mother

    The mother will be able to participate throughout the labor, when it is time to push out the baby

    Natural childbirth is faster when compared other methods because the pushes will be more effective and the effectiveness of contractions will not slow down with anesthesia

    A natural childbirth can prevent the dangers of possible toxics which may come in contact with the baby

    The forceps applied to pull out baby may sometimes cause brain damage or it may leave marks on the baby's forehead. In a natural child birth, there is no need of forceps.

    Since the mother and the baby are not drugged, the baby arrives in a much more alert state and will be healthier than other babies delivered with drugs

    A baby who is birthed through a natural method will be typically more connected to the mother and will be more responsive to mother's touches and gazes.

    Mothers can heal quicker than those who have given birth under anesthesia

    The mother will be able to experience the first movements of their babies lives

    The mother can breastfeed the baby right after the delivery

How to prepare for a natural child birth?

The following are the few steps you should take before you prepare for a natural child birth:

    • Discuss with your OB-GYN

    • Get educated with techniques that can be useful in the delivery room

    • Learn natural and drug-free pain management techniques like massage therapy, relaxation and breathing exercises

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