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A safe method of terminating the pregnancy - Surgical abortion

By AdminPosted On 04-Jun-2018

“Abortion” is the medical procedure of ending up the pregnancy and a gynecologist can only do the procedure safely. There are two kinds of abortions such as Medical and Surgical. The surgical abortion (or) In-clinic abortion is performed in two types called aspiration abortion (commonly performed in surgical abortion) and dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion.

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A woman up to 15 weeks of pregnancy can have an aspiration abortion whereas D&E abortion is performed at 15 weeks or above.

Aspiration (or) vacuum aspiration is the typical type of surgical abortion. During the procedure, the patient is administered with pain medication that can include a numbing medication is injected into the cervix. Sedatives may also be given to make the patient relaxed.

Firstly, the speculum will be inserted to examine the uterus. Then with dilators, the cervix will be stretched open. The gynecologist will insert a tube that is attached to a suction device through the cervix. The procedure will completely empty the uterus. Finally, the patient’s uterus will be checked to ensure that it is completely empty. Antibiotics will be prescribed to prevent infection.

During the procedure, many women may experience mild cramping which decreases once the tube is removed from the uterus.

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The D&E procedure is done as the vacuum aspiration. Along with the suction device, other medical tools are passed through the cervix to empty the uterus gently. After removing the tube, a Curette, (a small metal shaped tool) is used to remove any remaining tissue around the uterus lining.

Common side effects of a surgical abortion

  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Bleeding
  • Perspiration
  • Abdominal cramp
  • Giddiness

Once the doctor ensures that the patient is stable, then she will be discharged. After the surgical abortion, generally, there will be vaginal bleeding, pain, and cramping for 2-4 days.

If the patient experiences continuous bleeding, constant fever, and severe abdominal cramp even after 1-2 weeks of the surgical abortion, immediate medical advice should be sought.

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