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Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan


Improving Wellness with Vaginoplasty

By AdminPosted On 22-Apr-2017

With aesthetics occupying pride of a place among our basic needs, cosmetic surgery is ruling the roost today. Its scope has so widened that surgeries like vaginoplasty is growing popular. A priceless gift for women suffering due to loose or slack vagina, the procedure of vaginoplasty involves the surgical tightening of the vaginal muscles.

Aging or factors like child birth can contribute towards the loosening of the vagina. The procedure of vaginoplasty can be done as a reconstructive or as a cosmetic measure. Reconstructive surgery is aimed at improving its functionality and increase the sensations during intercourse while cosmetic surgery helps in enhancing its appearance while restoring the confidence and sensuality of the women.

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How long does vaginoplasty take?

The procedure of vaginoplasty can be completed in a time period ranging from half an hour to one hour. At times vaginoplasty is done in conjunction with other procedures like labioplasty. In such cases the time of surgery for the procedure can go beyond the one hour limit.

How is vaginoplasty done?

The process of vaginoplasty is done after administering local or general anaesthesia. The patient needs to empty her bladder before the procedure. Vaginoplasty involves creating one or two incisions in the walls of the vagina.

A laparoscope and associated instruments are used to tighten the slackened muscles of the vagina. In extreme cases of loose vagina, collagen is injected into the walls. this helps in tightening the skin and also to increase its sensitivity.

The procedure demands a period of rest after it is completed. Abstinence from physical activities like sports or sexual intercourse is advised.

What are the benefits of vaginoplasty?

*The numerous benefits of vaginoplasty are as mentioned below.

*More toned muscles in vagina

*Enhanced and improved appearance

*Increase in sensation during sexual intercourse.

*Minimally invasive surgical procedure assures lesser scarring and pain.

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