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  • Cesarean delivery is a method to deliver a baby through two incisions; one in the mother's stomach, one in the uterus.
  • The method might be planned ahead in case of any complications during pregnancy, although most of the times it is decided during labor pains.


  • There is very little risk to the health of the mother as well as the child
  • As the surgery is performed under anesthesia, the mother hardly feels any pain


A Caesarean section may be made in case of the following scenarios

  • In case of a previous C-section and the mother unwilling for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)
  • In case of an invasive uterine surgery
  • In case of the mother carrying more than one babies
  • In case of obstructions in the uterus

Preparation for Cesarean Delivery

  • The gynecologist will first explain the need for a C-section, and the mother has to sign a consent form
  • A midwife or an obstetrician will be assigned to the mother before delivery
  • An epidural may be given to the mother to numb any pain. In rare cases, a general anesthetic is given.

Procedure of Cesarean Delivery

  • A catheter is then inserted into the mother's urethra to drain urine during the surgery, and an IV is introduced (for fluids and medications)
  • Antibiotics may be given through the IV to prevent any infection post birth
  • The surgeon will then make a small horizontal incision above the pubic bone, and work through the tissue underneath till the uterus is reached.
  • At this point, the doctor will most likely perform a horizontal incision in the lower section of the uterus
  • The baby is then pulled out and the cord is cut
  • The baby is handed over to either parent while the incision is stitched up

Post Procedure

  • The mother will be taken to the recovery room, where she will be closely monitored for a few hours
  • The baby will be handed over to the mother for breastfeeding

"Authored By Dr.Niraj Mahajan"

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