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Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan


Cosmetic gynecology deals with changing the physical appearance of the genital organs, such as size, shape, symmetry, etc. It is often an elective procedure.

Cosmetic gynecology is of two kinds: Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty

.Vaginoplasty is a procedure to tighten up a vagina that has become loose or slack owing to ageing or childbirth. It also increases sensitivity.

Labiaplasty is a surgery of the Labia Major or Labia Minor, in which the size, shape and symmetry of the labia is corrected. Labiaplasty may be performed separately or with Vaginoplasty, depending upon the case.


  • Improved muscle tone and sensation in the genital region.
  • Increased attractiveness, and hence a boost in overall confidence and self esteem of the woman.


  • The length of the surgery usually ranges from 1-3 hours.


  • Cosmetic surgeries are performed to improve the aesthetic appearance of a body part.
  • Some women believe that undergoing cosmetic surgeries improves beauty, confidence and self esteem.


  • The surgery is performed under general anesthetic by a gynecologist.
  • The patient is asked to have a void bladder for at a few hours before the surgery is carried out.


  • Vaginal cosmetic surgeries include Hymen Reconstruction (Revirgination), Clitoral unhooding and G-spot amplification.
  • In revirgination, a mimic of a woman's Hymen is constructed to restore the vagina to its virginal state.
  • Clitoral unhooding involves surgical removal of the tissue covering the clitoris. The tissue is cut using scalpel or a laparoscope.
  • G-spot amplification involves injecting Collagen into the front wall of the vagina, which supposedly increases sexual pleasure.

Post Treatment

After treatment, the patient can return to daily routine within 3-4 days, depending on the level of surgery performed.It is advised to avoid any sexual activities for at least 3-4 weeks after the surgery.Any bleeding or abnormal discharge should be immediately informed to the doctor.Although widely practiced, it is advisable to women to not opt for cosmetic surgery. Instead, exercises can help to tone the loose muscles and even increase sensation, and a good counseling gynecologist can help improve self confidence and self esteem in a more constructive way.

"Authored By Dr.Niraj Mahajan"

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