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Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan


What is it?

Hysteroscopic surgery is the type used for visualizing and/or performing surgical procedures on the uterus and cervix.It is performed with the help of a laparoscope and micro instruments


  • It is a minimally invasive technique
  • In some cases, it may be used as a treatment procedure
  • There are few and small scars after surgery.


  • The total procedure takes about half an hour to complete


  • To find the cause of abnormal bleeding during periods
  • To determine the cause of bleeding that occurs after a woman has had menopause
  • To check for causes of infertility
  • To remove fibroids or other growths in the uterus
  • To take tissue samples from inside the uterus (biopsy)
  • To place IUDs


  • A doctor will recommend a hysteroscopy if the patient is suffering from abnormal bleeding during periods or after she has crossed her menopause.
  • Severe pain in the lower abdomen


The doctor will first check the previous medical history of the patient, including pregnancy, ongoing medications and possible problems with other vital organs.The patient will be asked to have a void bladder before the surgery.The doctor may use gas or fluid to see the uterine lining more clearly.


  • The procedure is done with the patient under local or general anesthetic.
  • The tip of the hysteroscope is slowly inserted into the patient's vagina
  • It is then gently moved through the cervix and into the uterus
  • The flashlight and camera at the tip of the instrument are then used to transmit images of the internal lining of the uterus onto a larger screen for the doctor to view

Follow up

  • After the test, the patient is taken care of in the recovery area for 1-4 hours
  • A slight stomach ache is normal if gas is used for viewing the uterine lining clearly
  • In case of heavy bleeding, fever, gasping or problems while urinating, contact the doctor immediately

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