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Dr. Niraj Mahajan's Clinic, Mumbai is well equipped with advanced hymenoplasty technologies offering excellent surgery quality and reasonable price. Let your partner cherish & respect for saving yourself for him!

For HYMENOPLASTY , the primary step is to prepare the patient for surgery. The patient is directed to void bladder before the surgical intervention. Next the patient is subjected to local anesthesia. The Surgeon carefully stitch back the torn edges of hymen using dissolvable stitches. Body - friendly materials is used in this surgery. The patients can leave the hospital within 5 - 6 hrs. Doctor recommends proper follow ups.

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Benefits of Hymenoplasty

bullet This surgery is a simple and short one
bullet To the visible eye, there is no scarring and the hymen appears intact.
bullet The patient can return to work next day
bullet Subsequent intercourse will typically tear the hymen causing pain and bleeding.
bullet No risk & complications
bullet Recovery period is less than a day.
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