Uro Gynecologist in Mumbai
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"Reclaim your intimacy and improve your sex life by leaning on Cosmetic Gynecology"
Gynecologic Problems of Adolescence
Believe it! There is a method to recapture your lost youth. A methodology in fiction is now possible in reality. Rely with ease at our place and find your simplified need which can be expressed in just one word. "Revirginizing".
It's Right Here !!!
Hymenoplasty ( Re-virginity surgery ): Hymenoplasty involves surgical restoration of Hymen
Vaginoplasty ( vaginal tightening ) : Vaginoplasty involves tightening up of vagina which may be lost due to childbirth or intercourse
Labiaplasty : Labiaplasty involves a surgical procedure inorder to reduce the size of flaps of the skin on either side of the vaginal opening.
Highly regarded Dr. Niraj Mahajan has pioneered in this unique branch of healthcare: Cosmetic Gynecology.
Like any other part of the body, vagina lose its constitution after childbirth or after repeated intercourse with aging and women have to accept it as an inherent function. Relaxed vagina may also lead to decreased sensitivity & sexual dysfunctioning. There is no need to be tensed as our institution precisely reconstructs the vaginal support system which leads you to a more tighter & youthful feel. Many of our patients have already took the advantage of this surgery.
Recovery time is short and we provide better aesthetic results.
We are very happy to discuss with patients and take full care of woman. Find if you are a candidate of
Vaginal reconstructive surgery:
Decreased sensation during intercourse
Tampons falling out
Vaginal relaxation
Pressure in the vagina and rectum
Sexual partners complaining about change in anatomy
Cosmetic Gynecologist in Mumbai
Meet our Cosmetic gynecology expert, Dr. Niraj Mahajan who has pioneered in this branch of Gynecology. He is exceptionally good in Vaginoplasty, Hymenoplast and Labiaplasty procedures and have got awesome reviews from patients. Experience of around 11 years in
and around Mumbai has made him run his own clinic, which is well-equipped. High quality treatment is provided for a affordable cost.
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