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Tubal ligation surgeries are performed to block the fallopian tubes to prevent the eggs released from the ovaries to enter the uterus. Concurrently, the sperms and the egg cannot come in contact with each other. A female sterilization surgery, tubal ligation is done to prevent pregnancy.The procedure involves

tying the tubes together, sealing them with a clip or cauterizing them with a mild electric current to seal them shut. With regret in the decision of tubal ligation and driven by the need to get pregnant, women opt to reverse the procedure. Surgery performed in retrogression is called tubal reversal surgery. A tubal reversal surgery is considered as a far superior procedure than any other to restore fertility.

Fallopian tube reconstruction - Treatment by Dr. Niraj Mahajan

Dr. Niraj Mahajan is an eminent gynaecologist, laparoscopic surgeon and Uro-gynaecologist based in Mumbai. Tubal reversal surgery requires a lot of skill. Dr. Niraj Mahajan is a dexterous and competent surgeon who has performed several tubal reversal surgeries extremely successfully.

The fallopian tube reconstruction can be surgically approached depending on the location of the previous surgical obstruction.

The age of the patient, BMI, the type of tubal ligation, the extent of damage to the tubes, remnant lengths of the tube, quality of sperms and egg are all determinants of the success of the tubal reversal surgery. With several contributions to leading journals, research and academics, Dr. Niraj Mahajan performs reliable and productive tubal reversal surgeries.

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