Uro Gynecologist in Mumbai Gynecologic Problems of Adolescence
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"Happy News for Women"
Make your Desire into Reality, Now with Better Option Feel the Confidence and Express the Feminine
Feeling upset and inferior with the physical appearance of your genital organs? Whether it effects your happiness or confidence? Don’t worry we have a better option for you. Reinvent the feminine feeling. Get the perfect size, shape and symmetry as your desire. Improve the aesthetics and walk-out with confidence. Experience the art of Cosmetic gynecology.
Cosmetic gynecology is a latest advent which deals with managing physical appearance of the genital organs. The perfect size, shape and symmetry can be achieved using some simple procedures. Vaginoplasty is one among them in which procedures are undertaken for tightening vagina that has become loose or slack dueto ageing or childbirth. It also improves the sensations at the vagina.
Reconstruction of the hymen is performed by a simple surgical procedure. Hymen is a thin membrane inside the vagina and breaks during the initial stage of sexual intercourse.
Minimally invasive surgery is done on the vaginal lips and is done to change its shape for cosmetic reasons.
Increased tone of the muscles in the vaginal walls
Improved sensation during sexual activities
Improves the aesthetic appearance of the genital organs, resulting in a boost in confidence and self esteem for the woman.
Minimally invasive procedures which lefts,very few or no scars.
The procedures are less time consuming usually ranges from 30 mins to 1 hour.
Better option for treating deformed vagina
Now you can make your desire to reality with our Cosmetic gynecology expert, Dr.Niraj Mahajan. He is exceptionally good in Vaginoplasty procedures and holds successful patient history. He runs his own clinic at Mumbai, India and has an expertise of 11 years. At his well equipped clinic, high quality treatment is given in very less amount of charge.
Cosmetic Gynecologist in Mumbai Profile of doctor
Dr. Niraj Mahajan
MD- Gynecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon
Infertility Specialist & Cosmetic Gynecologist.
Dr. Niraj Mahajan Clinic
Healthcare Centre, 47 - Dukanwala estate,
Ground Floor, Dr. A. Nair Marg,
Opp. Nair Hospital,
Next to General Medical,
Mumbai Central, Mumbai.
book an appointment www.gynecologistmumbai.com
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