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Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan


Pregnancy is an important emotional and physical phase in a woman's life, and it is quite essential for her to take proper care in order to ensure proper health of herself as well as the baby. However, no pregnancy is without any problems, and it is necessary to deal with them at the earliest in order to avoid future complications.

Regular monitoring of the pregnancy is needed, with various tests performed at different times during the trimesters.

The different problems that can arise can have pre-pregnancy causes, or could be developed during the pregnancy

  • Anemia - low number of red blood corpuscles. This can cause tiredness and weakness in the mother.
  • Depression - Depression can make it difficult for the mother to take proper care of herself and the fetus. This is a quite serious issue, as it is mostly psychological
  • Diabetes - High blood glucose levels can harm the baby and also make more serious the mother's long term diabetes problems. Doctors recommend to get the diabetes under control at least 3-6 months before pregnancy
  • Ectopic Pregnancy - This occurs when the fertilized egg plants itself outside the uterus. The tissue has to be removed surgically or with drugs to avoid damage to the other organs
  • Fetal problems - Problems with the fetus, such as less movements, lesser size, etc. can be serious issues, and proper treatments should be meted out
  • High Blood Pressure - Pregnancy related high blood pressure usually occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy
  • Placental problems - The placenta is a connecting tube that supplies the fetus with essential nutrients. Any problems can cause serious harm to the fetus.
  • Preterm labor- Preterm labor pains are said to occur when the mother goes into labor before 37 weeks
  • Infections that can occur during pregnancy can be bacterial, fungal or viral, with the most common being HIV, Hepatitis, STIs, yeast infection, etc.

Contact the Doctor Immediately if

  • The mother is leaking fluid or bleeding through the vagina
  • Sudden severe swelling in the face or hands
  • Severe headaches
  • Fever, chills, dizziness
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Discomfort during urination or bowel movement

"Authored By Dr.Niraj Mahajan"

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