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Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan


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From long time I was looking for a good doctor to do labiaplasty surgery, until I found Dr. Niraj Mahajan on internet. I spoke with him and asked him about everything. He was very friendly and helpful and answered all my questions via Whatsapp. In-fact I contacted many doctors in India including those from Delhi, but Dr. Niraj was the only doctor who responded to all my queries and it was very convincing.

Unfortunately I found later that am pregnant in the fifth week. I told Dr. Niraj Mahajan and he calm me and guided me and he promised me that he will take care of me, even though both surgeries were not attempted together before. This fact was confirmed to me by other doctors in India, with whom I was in touch. Everyone had refused to do both surgeries together.

On the youtube I saw the video of abortion and it was something I didn't like ... D&C. He convinced me that he doesn't perform abortion with D&C but by MVA technique which has absolutely no complication. I saw video of MVA on youtube and I got convinced. I had lots of apprehension as two surgeries were to be done together and that to in a 24 hrs time and return home safe.

I traveled to him in Mumbai and I stayed in the hospital from 7 am to next day morning, where the both operation done within 1 hour in a single setting-abortion and labiaplasty, everything was perfect and the pain was very mild. I started moving around in 2-3 hours after surgery. He showed me the images of my labiaplasty surgery before and after and it was job well done with very fine sutures. All health care staff where very kind and take care of me in a great way. Even after my return I constantly keep in touch with doctor Niraj, which help and reduced my fear. And moreover I joined my work very next day after arrival in my country. Thank you very very much Dr. Niraj Mahajan, this is something which I will never forget in life.

"Authored By Dr.Niraj Mahajan"

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Dr. Niraj Mahajan

MD- Gynecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Uro-gynecologist , Infertility specialist & Cosmetic Gynecologist.

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