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Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan
Dr.Niraj Mahajan


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Dr. Jitesh

My 2 months Pregnant cousin started bleeding profusely while going to work..she immediately rushed to Dr. Niraj Mahajan whom she knew via me... I myself am an Orthopedics surgeon!!. She was diagnosed with incomplete abortion..Her cervix was already open and and the process of abortion had already begun.

Dr. Mahajan operated her on the same day at St. Elizabeth Hospital at Malabar Hill.. Incomplete abortion was completed with the new technique called as MVA - Manual Vacuum Aspiration. With this there is no need to put instruments inside the uterus like old days D&C. With a simple suction syringe entire abortion would be completed.I checked the same on internet, and all my family members were convinced.

She was relieved of her pain and profuse bleeding.. She was discharged within 12 hrs of the procedure and she has no complications. Though the loss is irrevocable.... But the needful he did saved my sister and her health... We are indeed thankful for his strong witty judgement skills... The thirst for such phenomenal obgys is indeed unquenchable!!

"Authored By Dr.Niraj Mahajan"

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Dr. Niraj Mahajan

MD- Gynecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Uro-gynecologist , Infertility specialist & Cosmetic Gynecologist.

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