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  • Dr.Niraj Mahajan
  • Dr.Niraj Mahajan
  • Dr.Niraj Mahajan

    What is Vaginoplasty?

    • Vaginoplasty is a cosmetic surgery of the vagina to tighten the muscles in the vaginal wall and to reduce any slackness.
    • The vagina can become slack and loose with ageing and childbirth.
    • The slackness results in reduced sensation during sexual activities.


    • Increased tone of the muscles in the vaginal walls
    • Improved sensation during sexual activities
    • Enhanced appearance of the genital organs, resulting in a boost in confidence and self esteem for the woman
    • The surgery is minimally invasive, hence there are very few and small scars


    • This surgery takes about 30 minutes to one hour for completion
    • Multiple procedures may be performed at the same time, so it is possible that the time required may extend to more than an hour.


    • Vaginoplasty is an elective surgery, often undertaken by women who feel having a deformed vagina affects their sexual experiences and self esteem, and ultimately their confidence
    • In rare cases, it is done as a reconstructive surgery to change the structure of the vagina to remove any deformities that may be interfering with healthy body functioning.


    • The patient will be asked to have a completely void bladder for hours before the surgery is carried out
    • The entire procedure is carried out with the patient under general or local anesthesia


    • One or two incisions will be made in the vaginal walls
    • The doctor will then surgically tighten the muscles in the pelvic region using laparoscope and micro instruments, to remove the slackness in the vaginal walls.
    • In some cases, collagen is injected into the front walls of the vagina to increase sensitivity
    • Clitoral unhooding involves removal of the tissue covering the clitoris. The tissue is cut using a scalpel or micro instruments using a laparoscope.

    Follow up

    The patient will be required to have enough rest for a while after the surgery

    Abstinence from active sports and sexual activity is also advised for a few weeks after the surgery

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